Save Money, Save Water, and Protect Your Home

Flo is collaborating with Western Mutual Insurance Group to provide qualifying customers a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff for $250 ($500 value) for pipes 1″ or smaller or $425 ($850 value) for pipes 1.25" to 1.5″. Once you are selected, you’ll receive a professional installation by a verified Moen FloPro for free! A Flo representative will contact you shortly via the information provided.

If you need information regarding your policy with Western Mutual Insurance Group, please call 1-(800)-234-2114 and a customer representative can assist you. If you need a quote or have any questions about your existing quote, please call 1-(877)-968-8825 and speak with a Sales Agent.

To see if Flo by Moen is compatible with your home, please complete the 2-minute questionnaire below. There is no cost or commitment to apply.

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you're home or away, the Smart Water Shutoff is constantly monitoring your home, detecting leaks of all sizes.

Daily Health Tests

Runs daily health tests with Microleak™ technology to ensure that your home is leak free.

Alerts, Diagnostics, & Smartphone Control

If an issue is detected with your home's plumbing, receive alerts in real-time from your Flo by Moen App.

Remote & Automatic Water Shut-off

If a catastrophic water event is detected,  the Smart Water Shutoff will automatically turn off your home's water in order to prevent water damage. Also, control your home's water remotely through the app.  

Total Protection Out of the Box

Upon completion of the Western Mutual questionnaire below, you will be directed to the shopping cart to complete your purchase:

By submitting the form, you are sharing your personal information with Flo by Moen to obtain a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff.

NOTE: If your power outlet is further than 10' away, we recommend purchasing a Flo extension cord below.

25ft. Extension Cord

Need some extra footage to connect your Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff to your power outlet? We’ve got you covered. Our 25-foot low voltage extension cord is compatible with the Smart Water Shutoff and Battery Backup. It has been specifically designed to create a proper seal with Shutoff power adapter and Battery Backup making it safe for outdoor or indoor use.

Is 25ft is not enough?

No worries, you can actually connect up to four (4) of these extension cords together!

If you need information regarding your policy with Western Mutual, please call 1-(800)-234-2114  and a customer representative can assist you.

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