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Detect Leaks Before They Turn Into Disasters

The Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is the industry-leading leak detection and water monitoring device for your home. Installed on the main water supply line, one device protects the entire home from water damage and leaks, guaranteed.

4.9 / 5

Never Miss A Drip With Flo by Moen

How It Works

FloSense Intelligence

Alerts, Diagnostics, and Smartphone Control

Automatic Shutoff

The Smart Water Shutoff has three sensors that actively monitor the flow rate, temperature, and pressure of your home’s water to proactively monitor your home for leaks of all sizes, 24/7.

If an issue is detected with your home plumbing, you will receive alerts in real-time from your Flo by Moen App.

Once installed you can prevent damage directly from the Flo by Moen App, anywhere in the world. Not able to get to your phone? Our system is smart enough to automatically shut the water off and protect your home.

Real People, Real Flo Stories

4.9 / 5

"The Shutoff has already saved us from two very large leaks that could have cost us thousands of dollars and ruined our retirement plans. Thank you!"

"I have several friends that have suffered serious damage from leaks before. After purchasing my home, I did my research and found Flo by Moen. It's exactly the peace of mind I needed."

- Amanda J

- Robert W


4.9 / 5


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Smart Water Shutoff categorize a catastrophic leak which shuts off water?

The Smart Water Shutoff employs artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the normal hydraulic behavior of each installation. Flo’s security module analyzes telemetry in real-time to determine if system conditions are consistent or anomalous (warranting alerts / shut-off action).

How does the health test work?

During the Health Test, the Smart Water Shutoff will close its valve, preventing any water supply from influencing your home. While the water is shut off, Flo will monitor the stability of the water within your pipes for the next several minutes. If there is very little to no pressure change, you will pass your test.

What happens if the power goes out, will I still have water?

Yes, the Smart Water Shutoff does not turn your water off in the event of a power outage. Should you wish to turn off the water to your home, Flo recommends you use the Flo by Moen app. If the power is out (or in case of other emergencies) you may use the green manual knob on the Smart Water Shutoff to turn your water on or off.

My power outlet is too far to reach the Smart Water Shutoff, is it okay to use an extension cord?

Flo does not recommend the use of indoor extension cords in outdoor environments. If an extension cord is needed, you may purchase the Flo Extension cord through our online store or by clicking this link.

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