Smart Phone Control

Power of Water In Your Hands

Access the health and control of your home plumbing like never before with Health Tests, critical monitoring, consumption reports, and so much more.

End-to-End Peace of Mind

Part of Moen's Smart Water System

Automatic Shut-Off
Smart Water Shutoff

24/7 plumbing monitoring with daily Health tests and automatic shut-off.

Fixture Monitoring
Smart Water Detector

Extend the Shutoff power by monitoring fixtures or drains for leaks.

Remote Management
Flo by Moen App

Run Health Tests, track water usage, and turn off your water remotely.

We-Pay Guarantee
FloProtect Plan

Shutoff owners are eligible for optional insurance against catastrophic damage.

Advanced Features

Now, You Are In Control

Daily Health Tests

The Smart Water Shutoff runs automatic daily Health Tests with our patented MicroLeak™  technology to ensure that your home is leak-free. You can also manually run a Health Test at any time.

3 System Modes

FloSense™, our proprietary AI technology, allows your system to enter into three unique modes: Home, Away, Sleep. Based on the water footprint of your home, each mode offers customized protection.

Track Usage By Fixture

Our proprietary FloSense™ AI also powers the Shutoff's fixture labeling service. Track usage by appliance or fixture over a day or week, set goals, and better conserve water in your home.


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