By significantly reducing the risk of water damage in Mutual Assurance customer's homes, we're thrilled to have won the 2020 NAMIC Award in Innovation in partnership with Mutual Assurance! Read more about the award here.

Save Money, Save Water, and Protect Your Home

Flo is collaborating with Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia to provide it’s customers a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff for $225.

As part of the promotion, you’ll receive professional installation by a verified Moen FloPro for FREE! Note: this offer is limited to one Shutoff per homeowner's policy.

To participate in the promotion, please complete the brief questionnaire below.

Please note: The system requires power - should an outlet need to be installed near the device, the cost of that outlet will not be included in the price of this promotion

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you're home or away, the Smart Water Shutoff is constantly monitoring your home, detecting leaks of all sizes.

Daily Health Tests

Runs daily health tests with Microleak™ technology to ensure that your home is leak free.

Alerts, Diagnostics, & Smartphone Control

If an issue is detected with your home's plumbing, receive alerts in real-time from your Flo by Moen App.

Remote & Automatic Water Shut-off

If a catastrophic water event is detected,  the Smart Water Shutoff will automatically turn off your home's water in order to prevent water damage. Also, control your home's water remotely through the app.  

Total Protection Out of the Box

To participate in the promotion, please complete the brief questionnaire below which helps us ensure your property is compatible with the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff:

Limited to one device per homeowner's policy.

Real People, Real Flo Stories

4.9 / 5

"One of my kids left a sink on before we left for the weekend, I was alerted while we were gone and turned the watermain off from my phone."

Flo identified a leak that occurred because of the aging of the pipe fitting/closure adjacent to the Flo Detector. That identification enabled us to replace and upgrade the pipe fitting/closure.

- Todd & Janet

- David E.

If you need information regarding your policy with Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia, please call 1-(804) 355-1794 and a customer representative can assist you.

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